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Kaiross Paving offers a wide spectrum of paving services, we are known for excellence in a diverse range of markets. 

We do all type of paving works such as pool surrounds, driveways, patios, cobble paving and all other residential, commercial and industrial paving company requirements.

Swimming Pool Paving

Proper Pool Paving & Coping in clay or cement bricks, blocks, cobbles or flagstone installed by proffessionals.

Pavers and Patterns

Stretcher Bond, Square Bond also known as Stack Bond, Random Bond, 45 Degree Herringbone, 90 Degree Herringbone and Basketweave.

Paving Repairs and maintenance

Paving repairs carried out in time can prevent the entire paving installation from deteriorating to the point where the paving has to be completely re-done. We fix cement pavers, simulated stone pavers, as well as clay and cement paving bricks, blocks, cobbles and flagstones.

Garden & Courtyard Paving Design & Installation

Courtyards, paths, walkways, sitting areas and edging. Transform your garden, or courtyard, from ordinary into extra-ordinary with a smart paving design and installation that makes the most of the space you have.

Commercial Paving

Residential estate entrances, roads and walkways (new developments and refurbishing existing installations). Pavements, kerbs, edging. Pedestrian walkways, Main entrances and driveways, Parking areas, Office complexes, Apartment block parking bays, Retail centres, Shopping mall walkways and piazzas, Commercial loading bays

Refurbishing paving

Maintenance of clay, cement and simulated stone paving installations.

Driveway Paving

Designing driveways and front entrances that are functional and beautiful is what we do best. Solidly designed and properly installed driveway paving not only contributes to the Rand value of your property, it is also the first impression people get of your home.

Patio Paving,

Professional design & installation of clay, cement and simulated, stone pavers for the best entertainment area.

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