The Best Pool Finishes

One of the most exciting decisions you will make when building a new pool is what types of pool decks to add. The best pool finishes not only adds color and texture to your pool, but protects the concrete from wear and tear and can also help prevent water seepage. Choosing a pool finish can seem overwhelming at first with so many options, colours and styles. Below we give you some guidance on the different types of pools to help you narrow down the field.

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Plaster Pool Finishes

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Plaster  is a mix of cement, aggregate, and water. Incorporating a plaster pool finish with a color of your choice can give a simplistic appearance. A plaster pool finish is the least expensive option. It can be rough to the touch with plaster pool finishes. Additional pool maintenance may be required to keep the pool free of algae. If your water chemistry isn’t maintained at ideal levels, plaster can crack, stain, and scale. The pool interior finishes are more durable than plaster. It will need a replacement in a few years.

Quartz Aggregate Pool Finishes

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The blend of plaster, silica, and quartz aggregate makes the pool finish pleasing. The rounded shapes are created by the mechanical tumbling of the aggregate. A dazzling effect can be created by the brilliantly coloured ceramic pigments on the pool finishes. It is resistant to scratches and chipping. It is stain- resistant and non-porous. It is ideal for pool owners who have hard water or chemical fluctuations. A pool finish will last between 10 and 15 years.

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